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Entimos Coffee Roasters

July 10, 2013 -

We have added a new roaster to our selection, Entimos Coffee Roasters from Sacramento, California! Entimos means precious; highly valued, distinguished; just like the coffee Entimos provides us with!

The Entimos Coffee Roaster Story

Matt and Tim started Entimos because they believed that no one should ever drink bad coffee. They originally roasted separately in order to critique one another, but once people caught wind of their collaboration they began making request and then Entimos Coffee Roasters was created. Because Entimos wants people to drink the best coffee possible, they only focus on a few coffees at a time.

Get Excited

Currently, MistoBox is carrying two of the Entimos coffees. The Rwanda Nyamasheke coffee is featured in our July MistoBox. With the acidity of burning citrus and the heavy mouthfeel of honey and nut, we think everyone will enjoy it. We also carry the Huila San Augustin that has ripe raspberry acidity and brown sugar sweetness.

Sam Meis

Sam is a MistoBox co-founder. She loves traveling, business, minimalism, mindfulness, and (of course) coffee. When she's not embarking on adventures around the world, she calls San Francisco home.

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