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Portola Coffee Lab

October 4, 2013 -

We are incredibly proud and excited to announce the newest addition to our line up, Portola Coffee Lab from Costa Mesa, California! Owner and founder Jeff Duggan fell in love with coffee at the same time he was pursuing a degree in Chemistry. His natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge lead him to want to know more about coffee roasting and coffee brewing in depth. Over time, he began to understand coffee more deeply and wanted to make craft roasting his career. In 2009, Jeff started roasting on a small scale and has since expanded to serve coffee at a state of the art coffee bar serving single cup coffee and fine espresso beverages.

Portola Coffee Lab is a well-recognized Specialty Coffee roaster, with employees like Truman Severson, who competed and placed 4th at the Southwest Barista Competition in March 2013. As head barista, Truman also runs a special, reservation-only, coffee Concept Bar next door called Theorem, which presents coffee as the star in a culinary playground.

We love Portola because they take their coffee as seriously as we do and their mastery of roasting clearly shows it. Look for Portola’s delicious first appearance in the Early October MistoBox, shipping this week.

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Sam Meis

Sam is a MistoBox co-founder. She loves traveling, business, minimalism, mindfulness, and (of course) coffee. When she's not embarking on adventures around the world, she calls San Francisco home.

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