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How to Brew the Freshest Cup of Coffee ever

October 15, 2015 -

We always talk about how freshly roasted coffee will produce the tastiest cup. Why is that? Well because it can be the difference between a life changing cup of coffee and a flat, boring cup. Also know as the foreboding #coffeemeh

To put it simply, coffee has a very short shelf life. Once it is roasted, the flavors and aromas we love start dissipating almost immediately…noooo! Eventually all of the gases will find their way out and you’ll be left with coffee that is only faintly reminiscent of its previous delicious self. Again, noooo!

But fear not! Storing and grinding your coffee ‘the good way’ will make your coffee taste better, longer.

Storage: Where you keep your coffee plays a huge role in how your coffee will taste and how long you can preserve its desirable flavors. Disclaimer – we do not recommend placing your coffee in the fridge/freezer. This can actually hurt your coffee and cause it to take on some unwanted flavors, like last night’s leftovers. Lasagna House Blend anyone?

So then, where do I store my coffee? The kitchen cupboard is the perfect spot. We recommend storing whole bean coffee in a dark, airtight container at room temperature. If stored properly, whole bean coffee can last for a few weeks. Take that air!

The Grind: Grind you coffee RIGHT before brewing to make sure that you have kept more of those wonderful aromatics. This, a simple step, will certainly help you brew the freshest and most delicious coffee!

Now time to enjoy that cup!

Don’t have a grinder? Need grinder recommendations? Email us!
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Melissa Hall

Melissa Hall is equal parts hostess and culture queen. She knows how to throw a great party and is always up to date on her pop culture. Our resident coffee novice, she takes on the perspective of a coffee lover discovering new roasters and ways to brew. She loves sharing these discoveries, helping others become more coffee savvy (and caffeinated)!

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