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Welcoming Crema to MistoBox’s Lineup

September 6, 2013 -

We are incredibly excited to announce the latest addition to the MistoBox Roaster lineup from Nashville, Crema! An Illinois transplant, Crema owner Rachel Lehman founded the “brewtique” in 2008 in Rutledge Hill near downtown Nashville, TN. The shop is now a staple in the community and is one of the most recognized Specialty shops in […]

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Smart Coffee, Halfwitted Roasters

August 6, 2013 -

Once again, we’ve added another great roaster, Halfwit Coffee Roasters! We love to expand our coffee options for you as much as we love getting to know new roasters. Halfwit is a team of coffee professionals out of Logan Square, Chicago founded in 2012.   Our friends over at Halfwit have made it their job to […]

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Entimos Coffee Roasters

July 10, 2013 -

We have added a new roaster to our selection, Entimos Coffee Roasters from Sacramento, California! Entimos means precious; highly valued, distinguished; just like the coffee Entimos provides us with! The Entimos Coffee Roaster Story Matt and Tim started Entimos because they believed that no one should ever drink bad coffee. They originally roasted separately in order […]

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What You Should Know About Coffee Blending and Roasting

June 7, 2013 -

To Each Their Own First, let us say, to each their own. There are many traditions of roasting and blending techniques that vary by culture, history and personal preference. Often times, we think about the quintessential coffee culture found in Italy. Even in Italy, where espresso was first conceived, people still disagree about what is […]

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MistoBox Welcomes Coava Coffee Roasters

May 29, 2013 -

  The Coava Story Coava Coffee Roasters was started in a garage in North Portland, Oregon by Matt Higgins who had worked in the industry for ten years. Higgins knew the only way to roast exceptional coffee was to source the best beans from farmers around the world and this is what makes their coffee […]

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Savoring Sh*tty Coffee in Alaska

May 15, 2013 -

By: Hank Murphy There are many differences between drinking a cup of what MistoBox  sends you and drinking a fossilized cup of Yuban that you brewed with a sock. For example, the Misto coffee will taste better. But there is another difference that is more important in determining how obsessed you become with coffee. It involves […]

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Chicago’s Passion House Coffee Roasters

March 26, 2013 -

A couple of weeks ago, we paid a visit to Chicago and had the pleasure of visiting Passion House Coffee’s roastery. Our good friend Drew Moody from the Corner of the Cafe joined us to cup some coffee with the Passion House team Shannon and Josh. We cupped some incredible coffees throughout the morning including the […]

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Barefoot Coffee Roasters

March 11, 2013 -

A Little Barefoot History  Tucked between the coffee giants in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Barefoot Coffee is reigning supreme in San Jose, California. In 2003, Barefoot Coffee was born with the idea that coffee should be treated like a culinary art. They have taken that art very seriously. Throughout the year, the guys at Barefoot travel all over the […]

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4 Coffee Tasting Terms You Need to Know

February 15, 2013 -

Having a common vocabulary is clutch when it comes  to finding, enjoying, and talking about  coffees you love. When you’re buying some good coffee, you can look for the characteristics you know you like and you can have conversations with other coffee folks who are familiar with the same vocabulary. There could be a whole […]

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