1000 Faces

100 faces coffee

We are proud to announce the latest addition to our lineup of incredible micro-roasters, 1000 Faces Coffee from Athens, Georgia!

1000 Faces began seven years ago as the brainchild of a group of ecologists spearheaded by Benjamin Myers. Working out of a small garage in a remote forest, the company began working to perfect the craft of roasting and form direct relationships with small coffee farms before taking their product to the national market. The goal of 1000 Faces has always been to build a business framework that is regenerative by design, one that is empowering producers of quality and craft in order to increase coffee’s circular value. 1000 Faces has become one of the industry’s leaders in transparency, innovation, and collaboration—a rare culinary leader of the South that has existed intentionally under the radar. Their hard headedness in regard to coffee quality has made the company a trendsetter in the industry. With no interest in creating chain coffee stores, 1000 Faces has maintained an independent integrity that springs from being a coffee roaster for select wholesale partners that support an open system towards coffee improvement. In contrast to many coffee roasters who start in large cities and plan to expand quickly, this company is delicate, detailed, and intensely passionate about making a coffee product that restores the planet and invigorates consumers’ understanding of coffee’s true potential. In 2013, 1000 Faces won the Gold Seal Good Food Award.

Keep an eye out for their inaugural featured coffee in the Early November box!

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