Taylor Maid Farms Has Arrived

coffee pouring

Taylor Maid Farms’ name evokes images of grazing sheep and chicken coops, and yes one sip of their roasts may just transport you to an idyllic country setting.  But you can be sure that Taylor Maid Farms is fiercely loyal to their coffee mission: sourcing from small organic farmers and creating the perfect roast every time.  The Farm’s origins go back to 1991 when owners Chris and Terri Martin bought 100 acres on Taylor Lane in Occidental, CA to raise their family and explore entrepreneurial farming opportunities. Never did they realize that they would start roasting organic coffee in an old barn on the farm. With a little help from friends, family, and a firm belief that all their coffees would be organic no matter the work it took,  Taylor Maid Farms Organic Coffee was born.

At first, the small number of organic coffee farms around the world limited the product line to only 4 coffees. Over the years, Taylor Maid has partnered with more and more farmers as they worked toward certification.  Their offerings have expanded ever since, and today MistoBox is so proud to bring those coffees to you!

Taylor Maid Farms is a team of coffee enthusiasts who are obsessed not only with crafting the perfect coffee, but with building community and integrating sustainability into everything they do. If you are ever in Sebastopol, California, be sure to stop by to meet the team and see where the Taylor Maid magic happens.  Until then, be sure to request a bag of their perfect coffee for your next shipment!  MistoBox Subscribers: email your curator and say “Give me Taylor Maid!” Or if you’re not a subscriber, check out Taylor Maid Farms coffees and use code TAYLORMAIDISHERE to get 15% off. 

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