Your Best Morning Starts Tonight


We can all agree that a great day starts with a great morning.  But a crucial part of that great start lies in the night before.  Here are some pm tips for the am warrior.

Pick a Prep time

Set an alarm for each night to do tasks like:

  • Pack your lunch/work/gym bag
  • Charge your electronics
  • Plan your outfit for the next day – like mom used to do!

9 or 10pm is a great time to not only get these tasks done but do some planning and reflecting.  Think of it is a nightly ‘pajamas optional’ appointment with yourself.  Keeping it will make your mornings calmer, easier and will lead to your best days.

Be like Ben

When it comes to productivity, Ben Franklin was a BOSS.  He posed the same question to himself every night: “What good have I done today?”  Try jotting down your answers every night this week.

Focus on the “Musts”

The evening is a perfect time to plan your next days’ tasks for a couple reasons.  First, you are likely in wind down mode so you have more brain space for reflection, and second, making a list at night clears up space in the morning to focus on routines and actions.

Here is how to craft the perfect to-do list:

Your To-Dos should not be a running checklist of activities, errands and appointments.  Instead, try the following:  break the list into two sections.  1.  Things that absolutely must happen the next day 2. Important things that should be worked on.  Anything else gets left off.  Nice, huh.

Coffee?  Check!  

And finally, take stock of your must haves so you don’t run out anytime soon: your favorite mustache grooming gel,  kale for your daily smoothie and of course your coffee.  Add them to your grocery list or order online right then and there.  See?  Your morning just got so much better.

Now go to bed!

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