2022 Gift Guide for Coffee Enthusiasts

The holidays are upon us, and you’re stressing about getting the perfect gifts for the ones you love. Let’s take some of that stress away, fill you with holiday cheer, and review our favorite gifts for those that can’t get enough coffee. This is the Mistobox guide to the best gifts for coffee snobs, according to coffee snobs.

🎁 Stocking Stuffers
🎁 Grinders
🎁 Espresso Machines
🎁 Drip (Automatic) Brewers
🎁 Manual Brewing

1. The Manual Coffee Brewer

Choose from one of the classics. Every coffee lover needs at least one Chemex, Hario v60 pour-over, and Aeropress in their arsenal. If you don’t own all three of these, can you really say you’re a coffee snob?

2. The Gooseneck Kettle

Every brewing method requires water. Especially with pour-over or percolation brewing, you’ll want precision. This is where the gooseneck kettle comes in. We recommend the electric kettle from Fellow.

3. Drip (Automatic) Coffee

Up your loved one’s drip game with one of Ratio’s SCA-certified coffee brewers. There’s no other drip brewer that can make your kitchen look so good.

4. Espresso Machine

Espresso brewing can be an investment. Let us say it definitely pays off in the long run. Here’s a look at our wishlist this year.

Café Quality Espresso

The LUCCA A53 Mini is a tank-only, dual boiler espresso machine designed for those wanting café quality with an easier semi-automatic experience. The LUCCA A53 V2 is now equipped with an automatic 3-second pre-infusion, a double and triple precision basket, and an updated automatic on/off programmable timer.

Delicious Espresso under 1k

The ECM Casa single boiler espresso machine is designed for the beginner looking for an entry-level machine. It’s trusted build by ECM and the approachable price gives you peace of mind and a little extra money to invest in a great espresso grinder (good on you for that). It’s also available in several different colors, so you can be sure it’ll match your kitchen’s vibe.

5. Grinder

A good grinder makes all the difference. Here are our staff’s favorite grinders for filter and espresso brewing.

Fellow Ode grinder for filter coffee

The Fellow Ode grinder offers precise café-quality grinds in an insulated, sleek black aluminum casing. With durable 64mm stainless steel burrs and 31 grind settings, the Ode is revolutionary in the world of brewed coffee and delivers a delightfully simple workflow making each cup as delicious as the last.

LUCCA Atom 75 grinder for Espresso brewing

Digitally displayed burr positioning, 100 of your favorite coffees dialed in with recipes, a touchscreen display, and a connected app to browse or create your own recipes. This grinder is state-of-the-art.

6. Our Favorite Stocking Stuffers

A scale is absolutely essential for any coffee nerd. You can’t really dial in your brew unless you’re precisely weighing out your coffee. Eyeballing it just won’t cut it for the advanced coffee snob. They’ll want a state of art coffee scale to impress their guests.

The gift that keeps on giving! Grant loved ones access to 600+ fresh-roasted coffee options from 60+ artisan roasters. Coffee is selected based on their tastes, or they can choose with the Brew Queue feature.