Smart Coffee, Halfwitted Roasters


Once again, we’ve added another great roaster, Halfwit Coffee Roasters! We love to expand our coffee options for you as much as we love getting to know new roasters.

Halfwit is a team of coffee professionals out of Logan Square, Chicago founded in 2012.   Our friends over at Halfwit have made it their job to provide the highest caliber of coffee. These professionals have a mission to be “formidably nerdy and relentlessly delicious”. And we think they are doing a fantastic job at that!

HalfWit is very involved in the Chicago Coffee Scene. They actually share the roaster (the machine) as well as the roaster (the person) with their friends at Gaslight.Though Chris Oppenhuis mans the flames for both operations, each company chooses their coffees separately and prefers different styles, even if those differences are a very literal matter of degrees.

Check out this coffee roaster on MistoBox.

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