We are thrilled to bring you our 9th Annual Golden Mug Awards at Mistobox! Every year, we review the data from all our customer’s reviews and ratings to determine America’s favorite specialty coffees. This year, we added two new award categories, taking to social media and having you vote on your favorite bag designs and coffee roasters. Be sure to follow us @mistoboxcoffee for future voting opportunities, promotions & more! Based on 15,000+ subscriber reviews, 58 roasters, over 1,200 coffees, and 150,000 data points, 10 winners were selected. These are the coffees and roasters that took home the gold.

Golden Mug Awards

🏆 Best Overall Coffee – Colombia Diego Bermudez P-02 Process from Goshen Coffee 
🏆 Best Single Origin – Ethiopia Guji from Kuma Coffee
🏆 Best Blend – Tropical Weather from Onyx Coffee
🏆 Best Espresso – Galactic Standard Espresso from Brandywine Coffee Roasters 
🏆 Best Decaf – Organic Decaf from Spyhouse Coffee Roasters 
🏆 Best Organic – Driftless Organic Blend from Wonderstate Coffee 
🏆 Brew Queue Favorite – Flying Monkey Espresso from PT’s Coffee
🏆 Best Packaging Design – Onyx Coffee Lab
🏆 People’s Choice Roaster – Red Rooster Coffee
🏆 Roaster of the Year – Goshen Coffee


Colombia Diego Bermudez P-02 Process
from Goshen Coffee

America’s favorite coffee of 2023 was roasted by Goshen Coffee in Edwardsville, Illinois. In 2023, our subscribers wanted to try more unconventional coffees, and this exceptional offering is anything but ordinary. It was produced by Diego Bermudez at 1,930 meters above sea level in the Cauca region of Colombia on his farm, El Paraiso. This double-washed anaerobic thermal shock fermentation that Diego titled “P-02” requires extreme precision and patience. Read more about Diego Bermudez and this unique processing method here.

“Really unique coffee. Never tasted something with such heavy tropical notes. Very heavy on the mango. Works really well for straight espresso or as an americano..Overall, this would be a go-to for espresso straight.”

“This is one of the most vibrant, fruity, and interesting coffees I’ve received in my recent memory! Aroma of tropical fruit upon pouring the bloom, and a balanced, sweet brew with a complex fermented base and mildly boozy finish. This one is downright a pleasure to brew and drink!” -Jacob

“This is the best cup of coffee I’ve had in a year. I’m blown away.” –William

As is the nature of exclusive single-origin micro-lots, this coffee is no longer available, but you can try Goshen’s current lineup of award-winning coffees here


Ethiopia Guji
from Kuma Coffee

Our highest-rated single-origin golden mug award goes to Kuma Coffee for their Ethiopia Guji, a vibrant offering sourced from Ethiopia’s Guji coffee-growing region. Bright citrus, juicy tropical fruits, raspberry, and floral aromatics made this the most beloved single-origin coffee of 2023.

“One of my favorite. Syrupy sweetness. Balanced with a complex level of flavors of earl grey tea, lemon, berries, tropical fruit, etc.” -Misae

“Light with a zesty floral scent and a slight lemon flavor. This tastes like no coffee I’ve ever had and it’s absolutely a good thing. I can’t stop drinking it.” -Matt


Tropical Weather
from Onyx Coffee

America’s favorite blend of 2023 is Onyx Coffee’s Tropical Weather. Generally speaking, single origins highlight acidity and the fruitier aspects of a coffee while blends are typically known for their balance and are created with a flavor profile already in mind. Tropical Weather offers the best of both worlds by accentuating the origins within the blend and developing the coffee in a way that appeals to a wider variety of consumers. It is perfect for drip/filter brewing but also performs well in an espresso machine for those who enjoy a bright and lively coffee.

Onyx takes a washed offering that provides delicate florals and juicy texture and incorporates a natural processed coffee that promotes pungent fruits and natural sugars. The result is indeed better than the sum of its parts. Tropical Weather is your cup of sunshine if you miss the long summer days. With a floral aroma, notes of berries and plum, and the tannins and sweetness of sweet tea, you’ll leave the house wearing shorts all year long.

“Coffee was excellent brewed in Chemex with a 1:15 ratio, very fruity notes.” –Andrey

“Lovely soft tannins. Sweet frangipane, pastry, aromatic plum. Silky smooth. Lower-acid.” -Nicholas


Galactic Standard Espresso
from Brandywine Coffee Roasters

An espresso roast is not a degree of roast (light, medium, dark) but rather a roasting method that suits the espresso brewing process. In this finicky brewing method, pressure is used to extract a small yet concentrated amount of coffee, which we call espresso (or liquid gold). Galactic Standard from Brandywine was created to do just that.

Mistobox espresso drinkers chose a light and fruity flavor profile for their favorite espresso of 2023. The espresso blend consists of coffees from Colombia and Ethiopia and will produce shots of stardust space magic in your cup. Reminiscent of mixed berry pie with a really syrupy body, this vibrant espresso can stand alone or take all your milk drinks to another galaxy!

“One of the best espressos I’ve had. Brewed with a breville barista pro. Works best for straight espresso but I also enjoyed it in lattes and cappuccinos.” -Jackson

“Description is accurate: Berries, citrus, bright. One of the best light roast espressos we’ve tried!” -Edward

“Delicate and delicious” -Matthias


Organic Decaf
from Spyhouse Coffee Roasters

Spyhouse Coffee Roasters win Best Decaf of 2023. Their Organic Decaf offering was a fan favorite for both espresso and drip coffee lovers, offering classic and comforting nuances of cocoa, pastry, and subtle citrus.

“This was one of my favorite ones I’ve had recently! Bold delicious flavors.” -Cara

“Mellow and yummy!” -Timothy

“Very good! Deeper flavor than expected.” -Erica


Driftless Organic Blend
from Wonderstate Coffee

The Best Organic coffee of 2023 goes to Wonderstate Coffee for the Organic Driftless Blend. This is a certified organic blend of seasonal coffees from Latin America that rotate throughout the year. It is consistently rich, full-bodied, and hearty, with dark chocolate and roasty qualities in the cup. Add this to your brew queue if you enjoy a darker roast that is equally consistent and complex.

“It’s my favorite ever!!!!!! It’s smooth, but has depth, and just a hint of molasses or something bittersweet. Remarkable espresso! Super smooth and velvety.” -Jane

“I loved this coffee! It had an excellent flavor of cocoa, and might be my favorite!” -John


Flying Monkey Espresso
from PT’s Coffee Roasting Co.

Since adding our Brew Queue feature, which allows our customers to add coffees of their choosing to their line-up, we’ve recognized that some coffees are in higher demand. This year PT’s Flying Monkey Espresso was our most sought-after coffee by MistoBox subscribers. Simple and straightforward, this coffee was intentionally blended to appeal to a wide audience of coffee lovers. Featuring notes of smooth chocolate, honey, and graham cracker, this three-bean medium roast espresso blend creates a beautiful harmony of flavors with enough depth to show off in long milk drinks.

“Loved it! One of our favorites! Send again please!” -Josephine

“An excellent espresso, did great in our Breville Barista Express.” -Emily

“This is a good bean. Gets better as it ages from roast date. Followed roaster’s recommendation, but needed a much coarser grind on the Breville Barista Pro, when dosing at 20g to get a yield of 38-42g. Went down to grind size 11 with a dose of 18g. You can taste the graham cracker notes towards the end of the latte.” -Angelo


Onyx Coffee Lab
📍Springdale, Arkansas

This year, we added a design category to the mix and asked our followers to vote for one roaster with the best drip (the best-dressed beans). This golden mug award for best design goes to the roaster with the best coffee packaging, and the winner is…Onyx Coffee Lab!


Red Rooster Coffee
📍Floyd, Virginia

The People’s Choice Award for the 2023 Mistobox Favorite Roaster goes to Red Rooster Coffee! This award is nominated and decided on by our followers.

Red Rooster Coffee is a small family-run business tucked in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. The company operates on four basic tenets – taking care of their employees, their farmers, the environment, and their community. Along the way, they purchase and roast amazing coffees, paying high premiums to producers around the world and roasting to exacting standards, all while limiting waste and packaging their coffee in biodegradable bags. What more can you ask for?


Goshen Coffee Roasters
📍Edwardsville, Illinois

Congratulations to the team at Goshen Coffee for being our 2023 Roaster of the Year! Goshen couldn’t stop at winning this year’s Golden Mug Award for best coffee and had to take home the gold for best roaster as well! Check out their current lineup and add a coffee to your brew queue – you won’t be disappointed. This award always goes to the roaster with the highest average reviews from all of their coffees for the year, and the competition is fierce. We have 58 incredible roasters that are raising the bar every year. Goshen Coffee, out of Edwardsville, Illinois, continues to set and raise that bar.

Goshen Coffee Company was founded in the small college town of Edwardsville, Illinois, in 2002. Founded on the principle that great specialty coffee should be accessible to all, Goshen takes pride in being a family-owned and operated business and treats everyone as part of the family. This year, they won a Good Food Award for their Burundi Gahahe Cima Natural, a unique coffee that used Cima yeast to help amplify flavors through the coffee’s fermentation process.

Thanks for reviewing Mistobox’s specialty coffee Golden Mug Award winners of 2023. Be sure to rate and review your coffees in 2024. Next year, your favorite coffee could take home the gold 🥇.