Barefoot Coffee Roasters


A Little Barefoot History 

Tucked between the coffee giants in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Barefoot Coffee is reigning supreme in San Jose, California. In 2003, Barefoot Coffee was born with the idea that coffee should be treated like a culinary art. They have taken that art very seriously. Throughout the year, the guys at Barefoot travel all over the world to origin (the place that the coffee is grown). They hand select coffee right off the farm and purchase directly from farmers with whom they’ve established relationships.  Just like great produce at your local farmers market, Barefoot’s coffees are offered in season, fresh from the farm, when they are at their most delicious.

Dang Good Coffee

When we first tasted a selection of Barefoot’s coffees, we were blown away and knew we had to feature their coffee. In particular, we were struck by the Guatemala Palo Blanco. It is truly exemplary of everything  that makes Guatemalan coffees so amazing. It has the soft, subtle, and exotic complexity of a very fine Guatemala—but to the nth degree. It is sweet, crisp, and bursting with juicy fruits.

Good Coffee Starts at the Source

This coffee reigns from the Finca El Socorro farm located in Palencia, municipality of Guatemala department, 50 kilometers away from Guatemala City. Owners Juan de la Cerda and his son Juan Diego are in charge of producing some of the best coffees in all of Guatemala. Finca El Socorro’s success is the result of a strict quality control through out the whole process, from the management of the plantation, to the picking and the wet milling. Diego runs his farms with a focus on the details. The results speak loudly to the obsession with quality.

Finca El Socorro’s success is the result of strict quality control, from the management of the plantation, to the picking and the wet milling. The farm has an efficient ecological wet mill: it de-pulps coffee cherries dry, then transports the coffee and its pulp mechanically and recycles the water in the process. Then, the water is treated with clean production techniques, before allowing it back into the forest.

Give it a Try 

If you want to try out the Guatemala Palo Blanco from Barefoot, head over to MistoBox to pick up a bag. If you’re looking to try a variety of coffees like the Palo Blanco, maybe it’s time to subscribe to MistoBox.

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