Select your Perfect Coffee with the Brew Queue

Delicious Coffee Beans

Since MistoBox started more than 5 years ago, the most frequent request subscribers have asked us is, “Can I pick my own coffee?” We’ve been listening, and we’re thrilled to finally announce that we are launching the Brew Queue, a brand new feature that will allow MistoBox subscribers to browse our selection of over 500 coffees from nearly 50 roasters and select the coffee they want to receive next. If you have a particular coffee in mind you wanted to try or are excited to expand your coffee horizons, you’re going to love using the Brew Queue.

Remember the good ole’ days of browsing Netflix’s selection and lining up the list of movies you were going to receive in the mail? The Brew Queue should feel very familiar. Creating a line-up of coffees couldn’t be easier, simply click on the Brew Queue mug icon in the top right-hand corner of any coffee and the desired coffee automatically gets added to the bottom of the Brew Queue. If you decide you want to change the order of your Brew Queue, simply drag and drop the coffees in any order in your queue to make rearranging your upcoming coffees effortless.

The new shop also makes Brew Queue super simple to use. Get instant results when you search for your favorite roasters and coffees. Want to search for a certain kind of coffee? Use filters like roast level, coffee type, or tasting notes to narrow in on a specific taste profile. You can even get as refined as the country of origin or the processing method to find the exact coffee you want to try. We’ll also make recommendations based on your unique Coffee Profile, and show you coffees that are new to the shop and the highest rated by other subscribers.

By going to Your Collection in the dashboard, you can see your complete history of coffees you have received from MistoBox. Your Collection is a fun way to look back at your favorite coffees, see how your preferences may have changed over time and even help you refine your search for your next coffee from your favorite roaster or origin.  

To help you remember what you thought about a specific coffee and help us improve your selections and recommendations, you can add Coffee Notes and rate each coffee based on how much you liked it. Over time, this feedback will help us refine your Coffee Profile so we can get even better at knowing which coffees you’ll love most and recommend coffee we think you might want to add to your Brew Queue in the future.

What are you waiting for? Click here to start adding amazing coffees to your Brew Queue. Not a subscriber yet? Subscribe now to take your coffee game to the next level!

If you have any questions about how to use the Brew Queue, shoot us an email at or hit us up on Twitter at @mistoboxcoffee.

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