The Best Advice (and Coffee) Gift for Dad

Father's Day Coffee

I got my dad (a 74 year old retiree & devout keurig user) some new brew gear and MistoBox coffee for Fathers Day last year. This, a man who tried Thai food for the first time in 2013, can listen to Yanni and not scream in terror, and who thinks fashion is a half zip fleece purchased in San Francisco’s Chinatown eight years ago. But I was certain that the quality, taste and pure joy that come from brewing your own cup of coffee would not be lost on him.

Did it stick? It sure did…with gusto. Now our morning phone calls are not just about the weather where I live or what surgery Bob/Patty/Joe just had, but include talk of a new coffee that he discovered or how cool he felt turning his neighbor onto using a French Press. Oh and without fail there is usually a coffee grinder blaring away while we try to talk. I can’t complain, the post coffee pod American is grinding his own beans after all, and truly enjoying his mornings.

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