Equator Coffees & Teas


MistoBox is delighted to welcome the newest Coffee Roaster, Equator Coffees & Teas, to our  list of passionate, award-wining roasters!  Based in Marin County, CA, Equator has an intense passion for quality, sustainability, and, of course, amazing coffee. What makes Equator so special?  For one, they farm their own coffee on their 45 acre ‘agro paradise’ located in Panama.  They grow a rare Geisha coffee varietal, which as the name implies – is a unique and amazing tasting coffee.

Something we think is extra exciting about Equator is their sustainability practices, something they put as a priority in every part of the coffee growing and roasting process.  Notably, they Roast on a Loring SmartRoaster to reduce carbon emissions by 80% without sacrificing artisan quality. They run a compost program that incorporates 100% of chaff and coffee grounds and they house their workers in environmentally friendly housing while investing seriously in their well being.

We are super excited to bring Equator’s passionate growing practices, their obsession with coffee, taste and visibility around every step of the coffee process to your home through each cup of Equator Coffee.

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