MistoBox Welcomes Coava Coffee Roasters

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The Coava Story

Coava Coffee Roasters was started in a garage in North Portland, Oregon by Matt Higgins who had worked in the industry for ten years. Higgins knew the only way to roast exceptional coffee was to source the best beans from farmers around the world and this is what makes their coffee a new MistoBox favorite. Their focus on, and passion for single-origin coffees, and precise roasting techniques, makes them an outstanding roaster and the reason we just had to have one of their coffees for our Mid-May MistoBox.

It’s Legendary Coffee, Seriously.

We were honored to sample a selection of Coava’s coffee and loved each and every one for their unique qualities. The chosen coffee to feature of the selection was Kochere Yirgacheffe, a coffee so delectably sweet it was a no brainer.  With hints of sweet lemon, dark chocolate, and black tea this single-origin coffee hailing from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia is the epitome of what a great heirloom coffee can be.

Single-Origin at its Finest

The Coava coffee is farmed by the Kochere Cooperative in the township of Chalalacktu, nestled in the Borena Zone of Southern Oromia. The people here take pride in their coffee and in their community, reinvesting the money they earn to take care of their people. Small farmers like these, with a passion for coffee and community is what makes truly exceptional artisan roasted coffee possible and we are so honored to be able to bring it to you.

Give it a Try 

If you want to try out the Kochere Yirgacheffe from Coava, head over to MistoBox to pick up a bag. If you’re looking to try a variety of coffees like the Kochere Yirga Cheffe, maybe it’s time to subscribe to MistoBox. For those subscribed if you fall in love with this coffee like we have after receiving your MistoBox, remember you can get free shipping on a pound of it by using the code inside your box!

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Happy drinking!