America’s Favorite Specialty Coffee in 2018

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Specialty Coffee lovers rejoice – the 4th annual Golden Mug Awards are here! This year MistoBox hit some exciting coffee milestones: 50 Roasters made more than 500 coffees available, the addition of ground coffee, the launch of our Alexa App, and more customer reviews than ever. The selection of delicious, 5-star, ‘tell all your friends about it’ coffee was considerable, so these winners are a truly remarkable bunch.

The Golden Mug Awards are given to the coffees and roasters that received the best ratings from our customers. Everything from Blends to Brew Queue faves, this year’s list is full of true coffee champs from all across the country. If you’re a coffee lover looking for your next delicious brew this award list is the perfect place to start. Then head to our coffee shop to try 2018’s best coffees.


Milwaukee Rock Star Blend from Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co., Milwaukee, WI

This Anodyne Coffee blend is a true rock star for so many reasons. It’s full and has a perfectly well-rounded body enhanced by a dark chocolate and graham cracker flavor. Anodyne’s Rock Star Blend is a perfect example of what a really, really good dark coffee should taste like. It’s a perfect go-to blend for every coffee lover, brewed with any home setup, and can be enjoyed all day long.

“Anodyne Milwaukee Rock Star Blend is the star of the show. Great taste and feel. Excellent choice for any time of the day. In my top 5.”
-Pete, Odenville, AL

“Really great blend. Used with pour over method. It was smooth, rich with zero bitterness. I drink my coffee black and found myself drinking waaaaayyyyy more than the usual 2 cups a day.”
-Margaret, Winston-Salem, NC

“One of the best coffees I have ever tasted. It has an almost cherry finish, an amazing nutty, rich, and dark front. This makes amazing moka pot coffee, pour over, and french press. I loved it.”
-Garrett, Pittsburgh, PA

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Ethiopia Guji Uraga from Camber Coffee, Bellingham, WA

Another Ethiopian for the win! Two of the last three single origin winners have been coffees from Ethiopia, and Camber coffee’s Ethiopia Guji definitely follows suit. Camber was so careful in taking this lot, or all the particular coffee from one plot of land, from small producers and bringing out the delicate floral aromas and creating a juicy, fruit-filled cup. It’s truly a remarkable coffee that had our customers giving rave reviews.

Like so many incredible single origin coffees, they don’t always last long in our shop, and, unfortunately, this coffee is sold out. The good news is you can still try one of Camber’s current Ethiopian coffees or literally any of their other offerings and you’ll quickly see why they’re a Golden Mug winner.

“Incredible coffee! Super juicy with nice flavors of vanilla and citrus. This coffee produced one of the best cups I have ever had.”
-Wesley, Ann Arbor, MI

“This was an exceptional bag. I have had a few Gujis in my day, but this is honestly one of the best roasts I have had: super clean, bright, and complex. Some stone fruit notes followed by hibiscus–acidity is well-balanced, heightening the overall flavor palate. Loved it!”
-Dean, Los Angeles, CA

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Vero Espresso from Mela Coffee Company, Wenatchee, WA

Espresso fans are a discerning bunch, which makes it particularly impressive that Mela Coffee Company, a new roaster on the block, has made an impression with their Vero Espresso. Combining Sumatran and Central American coffee, they roast this espresso so it’s just right for those who prefer a more traditional espresso at home. It was especially loved by our customers who brewed it in a variety of coffee brew methods and still got 5-star results.

“Epic! Absolutely delicious”
-Aditya, Lexington Park, MD

“Great blend for my taste. Dark, bold, balanced, and sweet. No sour or bitter after taste. Smooth and satisfying brewed in French Press.”
-Larry, Miami Beach, FL

“Loved this coffee! It had a nice full, robust flavor and a heavenly smell. I looked forward to brewing it every morning.”
-MacKenzie, Monterey, CA

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Double Dark Blend from Dillanos Coffee Roasters, Sumner, WA

Intense flavor, lingering finish, and extra dark in the most delightful way! Our customers enjoyed this blend black or with some cream for a homemade cappuccino…you get the picture. Based on the reviews the possibilities for a great cup are endless. Dillanos Coffee Roasters’ mission statement is “Help people, make friends, have fun!” Which they’re certainly doing with this bold, crowd-pleasing roast.

“No doubt, the best coffee I received via Mistobox. Truly excellent. Makes a truly dark, rich, deep-flavored cup of coffee.”
-Edward, New Rochelle, NY

“The smell of the beans right of the bag would put any Folgers coffee commercial to shame! Loved the deep flavor and every cup I made was smooth until the last drop. Thank you Dillanos!”
-Luis, Eden Prairie, MN

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Novacella Decaf from Caffe Vita Coffee Roasting Company, NYC, LA, Seattle, and Portland

Oh Caffe Vita, how you get decaf lovers! The team at Caffe Vita Coffee Roasting Company take great pride in maintaining a full-flavored, quality focused decaf, and this coffee is all the proof you’ll need. Our decaf customers are impressed, some even surprised, by the rich flavors and the perfect cup they got time and time again with the Novacella Decaf. If you drink decaf, this is the one you should be drinking.

“Comfort coffee, pairs well with cream and sugar. Outstanding after dinner drink.”
-Timothy, Canyon, TX

“Delicious, delicious, delicious.”
-Anna, Los Angeles, CA

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Good Folks Coffee, Louisville, KY

We award the best roaster of the year by looking at the highest average reviews from all coffees from one roaster. So yeah- the competition is steep and it’s a big deal. Good Folks from Louisville, KY put a ton of care into discovering new coffee, developing relationships with those who grow, farm and process the coffee, and they deliver the best product to coffee drinkers that they possibly can. Enjoy their Deep Space Blend, Ethiopia Guji, or Brazil Cerrado Mineira. It really doesn’t matter because you’ll inevitably find yourself saying “I need more Good Folks!”

“Great coffee. Pour over is excellent. Will try French Press next. Wonderful with cream and sugar. One of the most drinkable coffees I’ve had.”
-Bill, Columbia, MO

“THIS COFFEE WAS AMAZING! Bold, full-bodied, rich and smooth. I want every cup to taste this good!”
-Catalina, Ann Arbor, MI

“Rich, full-bodied, and delicious. Wow. Both of my experiences with Good Folks coffees have been outstanding.”
-Sylvia, Miami, AL

“Phenomenal. I’m not given to strong language, but Great Odin’s Beard this coffee was delicious.”
-Chad, Westminster, CO

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Cat & Cloud, Santa Cruz, CA

Cat & Cloud will tell you they’re people pleasers, and our customers are beyond pleased with their coffee. Cat & Cloud joined the MistoBox team this year and ever since, our customers have been riding their wave (Santa Cruz beach pun there, folks), and across the board, their coffees are getting rave reviews. We know it’s because they offer the perfect cup for all types of coffee drinkers, have a rad label with cool names, and they’re all around an excellent group of people. We can’t wait to see what they bring us next.

“One of the best I’ve had in a while. The nuttiness comes through the strongest. Kind of a nougaty sweetness, almost like a snickers bar. So good.”
-Hayden, Norman, OK

“GREAT coffee! My first experience with Cat and Cloud was a good one. Very clean coffee with good flavor. Smelled WONDERFUL when I opened the bag and after the brew. I’ll be back Jared and Chris.”
-Dustin, Nashville, TN

“This is in the top coffees we have tried out of the last year with MistoBox. Truly an excellent coffee with citrus and berry flavor bursting through in every sip.”
-Joseph, Mentor, OH

-Sam, Austin, TX

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Ethiopia Chelbesa from Onyx Coffee Lab, Springdale, AR

One of our new awards for 2018 is the Brew Queue favorite. The Brew Queue lets customers find coffee(s) they want and add to their queue to get next. The Ethiopia Chelbesa from Onyx Coffee Lab is the coffee that was added to customer Brew Queues the most in 2018, making it one of the most sought after coffees of the year. The Ethiopia Chelbesa is a coffee full of floral, notes of tea, berries and vanilla. It’s distinctively bright, enjoyable, and roasted with care. No wonder you guys keep asking for it time and time again!

“Onyx knows how to roast. You can’t go wrong with anything you get from them. They got the light roast down!”
-Andrei, Kula, HI

“Wow! Delicate, subtle, difficult to characterize. Absolutely love the black tea notes on the finish. I am a huge fan of Onyx’s Ethiopia naturals, so to taste this fully-washed roast was a complete departure from my expectations. Highly recommend!”
-Carissa, New York, NY

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French Roast from Klatch Coffee, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Our second new award is a long time coming. MistoBox customers have been asking for ground coffee for a while- and our roasters have delivered. Based on coffee reviews- Klatch Coffee really delivered. The best news? This French Roast is available in whole bean too- so there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying this crowd pleaser in your cup no matter your grind preference. This coffee balances sweetness and pleasant bitterness, with smoky, chocolate and caramel notes that set it apart from other french roasts.

“I love the sweet flavors and boldness. This coffee is my #1 go to. I’m glad to see some coffee from other areas.”
-Juanita, Lakewood, WA

“The smoky and caramel notes and hints of chocolate were made for lazy weekend mornings.”
-Kelly, St. Louis, MO

“For the win… for sure! Gold medal win… no.. platinum win! Hands down, this is great coffee. Well done roaster. I salute you.”
-Travis, Camarillo, CA

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El Salvador Talnamica from Ruby Coffee Roasters, Amherst Junction, WI

One of the incredible perks of working for MistoBox is (no surprise here) all the magnificent coffee we get to enjoy. We’ve also been lucky enough to meet many of our roasters, and even go on an origin trip to see the coffee farm, meet the farmers, and experience what happens before the beans even get to a roaster. We think that’s why this coffee stands out to us so much. Ruby Coffee Roasters’ relationship with the Ortiz family in El Salvador goes way beyond just buying a coffee from them. They’ve been working closely with them for the last 5 years to help develop the quality potential of their coffees.

That means they’ve visited wet and dry mills, exporters, have been involved in logistics, and talked about each season’s unique challenges. Think boots on the ground, true friendships and genuine caring about every person and step involved in this coffee. The El Salvador Talnamica exemplifies that crazy/cool, across the globe relationship that can magically be communicated through just one cup of coffee. It’s why we got into this business, and why we continue to be passionate about coffee and keep bringing as many amazing coffees to you as we possibly can!

The El Salvador Talnamica is sold out (yup, it was that good) but their El Salvador Natamaya comes from the Ortiz family as well and is just as brown sugar tasty delicious.

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