Cold Coffee Drinks We Need Right Now

Iced Coffee

Summertime may be winding down, but we’re in a heatwave and still can’t get enough of these satisfying cold coffee drinks.

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1. Espresso & Tonic

The coffee world can’t get enough of this drink! It’s creamy, effervescent and a has Guinness like foamy head that will have you coming back for more and more! Tip – skip the schweppes. Make sure you seek out a high quality tonic whose flavor doesn’t overpower the coffee (nothing too citrusy or bitter).

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2. Iced Latte

An iced latte in the summer is nothing short of perfect! And for those home brewers who haven’t gone ‘iced’ what’s stopping you? Use cold milk and crushed ice cubes so the espresso stays cool and your latte stays perfect to the last drop.

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3. Coffee Shake

This surprising shake is incredibly tasty and dairy free too. It’s got coconut sorbet, dark chocolate and Onyx Coffee. We think this combination is the perfect play on a favorite treat all grown up.

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4. Coffee Beer

This perfect mix of some of the best stuff on earth has won medals from the World Beer Cup as well as the International Beer Festival in San Diego. As Portola so perfectly puts it: “you owe it to your mouth”

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5. Affogato

The Affogato is perfect for a summertime refresher in the afternoon, after dinner, or perhaps a replacement for your morning cup…we won’t tell. Take your favorite espresso and pour over a scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato.

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6. Cold Brew

This coffee drink is the perfect cold beverage to sip on all summer long. Making a batch only takes some great coffee, a few tools that you likely already have have in the kitchen, and 24 hours to brew. Learn how to make a traditional batch of cold brew or a hot bloom cold brew here. You’ll never look at iced coffee in the same way!

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