10 Ways Coffee Can Help Us Celebrate Mother’s Day 2020

Mother and daughter virtually sharing a coffee

2020 is off to a weird start and when, if ever, things will go back to normal is still very much up in the air. But with Mother’s Day quickly approaching on May 10th, you’re probably wondering how you can still celebrate and show your appreciation for mom in these unprecedented times. This year you won’t be able to treat her to a fancy brunch with the whole family, give her a much-deserved spa day, or possibly be in the same room together.

So how can we make sure this year’s Mother’s Day is still as special as the moms in our lives are?

As we made a carafe of coffee to brainstorm, it occurred to us that specialty coffee could be the answer. Much has changed in the last 2 months, but coffee still encourages connection and communicates love. It can bring us together, even when we can’t be together.

Here are 10 ways coffee can help us celebrate Mother’s day in 2020:

1. Get caffeinated and write mom a letter 

letter-writing stationary with lavender latte
Letter writing is a lost art. For most literate human history, the written word was our primary way of keeping in touch and expressing our feelings to loved ones. Flash forward to 2020 where most moms will probably get a “Happy Mother’s Day!” text message with fewer characters than a tweet. Writing a letter may take more concentration and a little bit of time, but moms deserve it. Make yourself a cup of coffee to get your juices flowing and handwrite a letter expressing your appreciation, a memory you have, or why she is important to you. Put it in the mail and make sure it arrives by Mother’s Day (That means you will need to send it by May 5th to be on the safe side). The small act of writing a letter in your own handwriting could be more valuable and important to your mom than anything you planned on sending with a price tag. It doesn’t have to be lengthy- it should just be heartfelt.

2. Plan a virtual brunch for Mother’s Day 2020

Mother’s Day brunch is a staple for many families, and unfortunately won’t be possible in the same way for most of us this year. But fear not- we can still make brunch work. We wrote a blog post recently on how to host the perfect virtual brunch just in time for Mother’s Day. Whether you want to plan the full menu and virtually cook together as a family, or simply order in, we’ve outlined all the things you’ll need to consider to host a virtual Mother’s Day brunch that will make your mom feel special.

3. Make her coffee

2 cups of dark roast drip coffee in bed
For those sheltering with your moms, the simple act of waking a bit early to brew the perfect coffee for her can go a long way to make her day. There is nothing quite as sweet as waking up to the smell of freshly made coffee and that can be a simple gift it and of itself. Even better if you hand deliver to them in bed.

4. Plan a Mother’s Day “Redo”

With some parts of the country slowly starting to open back up, we’re reminded that there will be a day when we can be reunited in public spaces. A lovely gesture for Mother’s Day 2020 is to gift an experience your mom can use when that day comes. Plan a Mother’s Day “redo” where you start at a favorite local roaster’s cafe (we have 50+ recommendations for the best from all over the US). Many are struggling at this time, so reach out to them to see if they’re offering gift certificates and let mom know what you’ll have planned for your make up day. We like this option because it’s a way to continue to celebrate mom outside of Mother’s Day.

5. Coffee + video call on Mother’s day morning

Mother and daughter virtually sharing a coffee
If you can’t be with your mom this year, use technology to have a morning cup of coffee together. We recommend if possible scheduling it so she knows to be available and have coffee made. Technology often gets a bad reputation for distracting us, but in this case, it can help us connect. Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facetime- use whatever platform you and mom are comfortable with and enjoy.

6. Sip on a Coffee Cocktail

If your Mother’s Day normally involves a bottomless brunch or adult beverages of any kind, consider making a coffee cocktail together this year. Consumption of both coffee and alcohol have been up while sheltering as the lines between “coffee hours” and “cocktail hours” blur. Caffeinated cocktails blend the best of both worlds. Whether you’re able to make the cocktail for her in person, or want to make it together and enjoy while face-timing- find a variation and recipe you’ll both enjoy.

7. Make her a DIY coffee body scrub

Coffee Grounds made into a DIY Body Scrub
Another classic Mother’s Day treat is a trip to the spa. While that might not be possible this year, coffee once again provides an alternative for the DIY gifter. Coffee grounds can be easily made into a body scrub with incredible benefits including reducing inflammation, exfoliating the skin, anti-aging, and even reducing the appearance of cellulite. Many spas have even cashed in on this and charge a premium for coffee-based scrub treatments. There are lots of variations on these DIY coffee scrubs, but the best part is that most use ingredients many people already have at home.

8. Make her a coffee-flavored dry rub

If your mom is a grill master this coffee dry rub recipe will be a hit. It’s simple to make, keeps for a long time, and is spectacular with poultry. Mom might enjoy a jar of this or you can go all out and grill for her if you’re able.

9. Make a coffee pot terrarium

upcycled coffee pot terrarium
If you’re looking for more DIY inspiration you can go the route of making this fun coffee pot terrarium. Terrariums and succulents are a trending hit because they’re easy to care for and last longer than traditional flowers. But most haven’t considered upcycling old coffee equipment to give a unique take on it. Use an old french press, Chemex, or a coffee pot for a cute terrarium perfect for the kitchen.

10. Send her a personalized coffee subscription

As demonstrated above, coffee is a versatile beverage capable of bringing us joy while bringing us together. Even more prolific than the many ways we can use coffee is people’s coffee preferences and the selection of coffees available. If the mom in your life is a coffee enthusiast or just looking to increase their knowledge considering giving a personalized coffee subscriptionMistobox will learn about her unique tastes and curate new coffees for her to try from 50+ of America’s best coffee roasters. You can schedule delivery for May 10th or send it early so she can enjoy her first coffee on Mother’s Day.

It’s time to start planning and we hope you all have a very special Mother’s Day. Get your Mistobox coffee subscription for mom today 🙂
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