Drip, Press, Drink: Your Coffee Brewing Guide.

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We always talk about how freshly roasted coffee will produce the tastiest cup. Why is that? Well because it can be the difference between a life changing cup of coffee and a flat, boring cup. We have put together this coffee brewing guide to help you create the best cup. To help you learn the difference between a pour over vs. french press coffee and more!

To put it simply, coffee has a very short shelf life. Once it is roasted, the flavors and aromas we love start dissipating almost immediately…noooo! Eventually all of the gases will find their way out and you’ll be left with coffee that is only faintly reminiscent of its previous delicious self. Again, noooo!

How to Store Your Coffee?

But fear not! Storing and grinding your coffee ‘the good way’ will make your coffee taste better, longer.

Storage: Where you keep your coffee plays a huge role in how your coffee will taste and how long you can preserve its desirable flavors. Disclaimer – we do not recommend placing your coffee in the fridge/freezer. This can actually hurt your coffee and cause it to take on some unwanted flavors, like last night’s leftovers. Lasagna House Blend anyone?

So then, where do I store my coffee? The kitchen cupboard is the perfect spot. We recommend storing whole bean coffee in a dark, airtight container at room temperature. If stored properly, whole bean coffee can last for a few weeks. Take that air!

When to Grind Your Coffee?

The Grind: Grind you coffee RIGHT before brewing to make sure that you have kept more of those wonderful aromatics. This, a simple step, will certainly help you brew the freshest and most delicious coffee!

How to Brew Your Coffee?

Hario V60
Simple, easy, with delicious results
Coffee produced: Clarity in the cup while highlighting the complexity of each coffee.
Great for: 1 or 2 cups
This brewer is one of our daily go-to’s.
A reliable brewer that has been a go to for decades
Coffee Produced: Cleanest cup out of any brewer, makes the vibrant acidity of any coffee stand out.
Great for: Coffee for 2 to 4 people
Doubles as a cool piece of kitchen artwork!

French Press
One the easiest way to brew coffee at home
Coffee Produced: Delivers tons of body and mouthfeel, while mellowing the brightness of a coffee.
Great for: brewing a hassle free cup on the way out the door or enough for a small group at brunch.
Careful though, that last sip can be dangerously gritty! Unless you’re into that kinda thing…

The new kid in town but already one of the extreme coffee fan’s favorite methods
Coffee Produced: Marries the immersion brewing of a press with the clarity of a paper filter.
Great for: camping, traveling, or just a quick single cup at home.
Impress your friends! The Aeropress is part french press and part MacGyver gadget.

Check out mistobox.com/brew-guides to learn how to brew on all of these unique manual brew methods!

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