Reading this, along with your coffee label, will definitely make your life better

verve coffee roasters

Before you dive into that bag of coffee take a minute and check out the label. Knowing what and where your coffee is from will add another level of enjoyment to each sip, so read on!

The Roaster: aka Coffee Gods! All of our Roasters are craft-focused companies chosen for their pursuit of perfection, quality and awesomeness.

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Entimos Coffee Roasters getting their craft on

Coffee Type: You’ll usually see one of two main types, blends or single origins. Blends are coffees from multiple producers, often from different parts of the world. Roasters will blend coffees intentionally to create a unique final product. Single Origin coffees are coffees from one farm, cooperative or region that have a specific flavor profile.

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Augies Coffee Roasters shed some light on these beautiful beans

Origin: The country and region where a coffee was grown. The place and microclimate where each coffee is grown has a huge impact on what the coffee tastes like! Wine drinkers know what I’m talking about, and as you try different coffee from a variety of regions you can start to find your favorites too.

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One of the farms that grows 1000 Faces amazing coffee

Process: The method for removing the external skin and fruit of a coffee cherry (yes, it’s a fruit!). The method which a farmer processes each coffee will heavily influence how each coffee will taste. The most common methods are called ‘washed’, ‘natural’, ‘semi-washed’ and ‘pulped natural’. For more on the process check out Equator’s pretty sweet guide to coffee beans and how they get to your cup.

Roast Date: Well, you get that one. Coffee freshness is crucial to great tasting coffee.  Now that you’re well versed, go drink it up!


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