Roasting and extraction with Olympia Coffee Roasting Company

Olympia Coffee is special. If you haven’t yet, add one of their seasonal coffees to your brew queue to see what the hype is about. Not only does Olympia source coffee in a unique and admirable way (more on that below), but their careful attention to detail in the roasting process is what really brings each coffee to life. We sat down with some of the top minds at Olympia Coffee Roasting Company to dig deep into their process. Join us as we chat with Oliver Stormshak, CEO, co-owner and green coffee buyer, and award-winning barista trainer Reyna Callejo about sourcing, roasting, extraction, and more.

Olympia Coffee Roasting Co.
📍 Olympia, Washington

Why do we love them?
Olympia aims to improve the lives of farmers, staff, and customers through sourcing, roasting, and serving high-quality coffee. They are a certified B Corporation meaning that its trade standards, called Fair For All, have been verified by a third party and go beyond Fair Trade standards. In fact, Olympia at minimum pays their farmers double that of standard Fair Trade pricing.

They also took the Transparency Pledge to commit to a common code for transparency in green coffee buying which can ensure a sustainable supply of coffee by working towards a living income for producers so they will continue to invest in the future of their businesses and land. By publishing all of the prices paid to the farmer and their employees for all of their coffees, Olympia adheres to the highest standards of social and environmental impact, enabling all the people from the countries they source from, including you as the customer, to make informed choices.

Inspired to give Olympia Coffee a try? Here’s a selection of their award-winning coffee available in our shop. Learn more about what influences the taste of coffee in our Mistobox tasting series.