Onyx Coffee Lab

traditional french press

After spending a few years as a Barista and manager for Arsaga Coffee Roasters in Springdale, Arkansas, Jon Allen and his wife, Andrea, decided to go out on their own. Since 2009, they have been roasting their own coffee and running 2 shops and opened their 3rd retail location, Onyx Coffee Lab in 2012. The shop provides space as both a roasting facility as well as coffee bar. As their name implies, the folks at Onyx Coffee Lab take coffee incredibly seriously. Jon started the shop out of a desire to get to know the in’s and out’s of roasting and brewing in a more serious way. In their shop, baristas brew on manual brew methods like the Hario V60, Chemex, the Clever Dripper and the ever-theatric Siphon brewer.

One of the main reasons Jon and Andrea started Onyx was simply to provide a better product. While many shops in the area were roasting coffee, they felt that it could be done better. They wanted to source higher quality coffee, ensure that the producer at the end of the supply chain was being rewarded for quality, and that the final product matched the efforts of quality at origin. They achieve this by roasting in small batches and meticulously monitoring quality from creating the ideal roast profile for each coffee and testing the roasts by tasting them in a highly ritualized evaluation called cuppings. Because of their dedication to quality and pursuit of delicious coffee, we want to share some of their best coffees with you!

We are happy to announce the addition of Onyx Coffee Lab to our lineup of incredible roasters! Their first featured coffee Costa Rica Naranjo “Lourdes” is coming in the Late November MistoBox, arriving this week!

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